Homeland season 5: what is Carrie up to now?

Homeland season 5: what is Carrie up to now?

Homeland is a very popular show and everyone seems to love the character ‘Carrie’. The new Season 5 is beginning and if you have wanted to know what Carrie is up to now, here are some highlights:

Carrie is working security in Berlin for the German Foundation. She loves her job - or does she really? Almost everyone that watches this show knows that Carrie is, of all things, unpredictable.

Carrie is taking care of her little girl. Have you forgotten Carrie has a daughter? Will she continue to be the doting mommy or will something happen to disrupt tranquility?

Carrie has a handsome boyfriend from work. From work….really? When has a work relationship every worked out for Carrie?

Carrie is attending a Roman Catholic Church. This seems to comfort her and she finds peace. Season 4 for Carrie was anything but peaceful.

Homeland has intrigued us and kept us on the edges of our seats through all 4 seasons. Now we have Season 5 to look forward to and Carrie is sure to surprise us.