Main characters in Sylvester Stallone's new movie

Main characters in Sylvester Stallone's new movie "Creed"

Often times, movies created as spin-offs of popular hit movies have been made to take advantage of the previous success of the original movie. Producers just want to make quick money instead of being concerned with making a great movie. Well, Sylvester Stallone’s new movie "Creed" is all about creating a great movie.

It’s no wonder Sylvester Stallone decided to lace on his boxing gloves once again for the sake of this story.

One of the main characters, other than the trusted confidante and trainer Sylvester Stallone himself, is Michael B. Jordan who had to undergo intense training for more than a year to learn to box.

Jordan plays the character Adonis Johnson who is the son of the boxer Apollo Creed who delivered that fatal blow in the movie Rocky IV. Apollo was a very close friend of Rocky Balboa and Adonis turns to Rocky for help and advice. Adonis struggles to be both a good boxer and a good person and, whether he does this consciously or not, Adonis learns a lot from Rocky as he trains for his big match.

Adonis is the central figure in this movie but he is dependent on Rocky. Rocky fans will love the storyline and be thrilled with the action, both in and out of the ring.