Memorabilia of Whitney Houston nets half million

Memorabilia of Whitney Houston nets half million

She crooned her way into our hearts, left her music echoing our feelings. Her death came as a huge shock. At the age of 48, little did the world expect that this pop music icon would die so young. She was a singer, actress, model, and an inspiration to many African-American women. She gave them a dream and a hope that they could also reach for the stars and more. She paved the way for black women singers; she stood along with Michael Jackson and Madonna as pop icons of the 80’s. Her voice was unique and she focused on developing this rare, unadulterated talent.

The auction house Heritage Auctions had put up Houston’s awards, red carpet dresses, and other personal effects for auction. The eye catcher of the auction was her intricate one-of-a-kind Marc Bouwer wedding dress that she wore for her wedding to Bobby Brown in 1992.

Other items of sentimental value was a jacket gifted by her father with her name on it, a worn-out passport that she used for her international tours, a pair of Nike’s Air Jordans gifted by her close friend Michael Jordan in 1990, and a Disney coloring book in Japanese.

The director of the auction had predicted a great sale amount as all items were from Whitney Houston’s estate. He says that usually items that go on auction are odds and ends from fans.

 A federal judge had blocked the sale of her Emmy award, which was returned to the family. All the items auctioned from Whitney Houston’s memorabilia amounted to $525,390.

The tremendous amount collected at the auction goes to show the love and legacy the singer has left behind.