Rita Wilson’s life-saving surgery

Rita Wilson’s life-saving surgery

Rita Wilson is an amazing actress, singer, and producer. She is known for her strong personality and noble interests. Her looks are very important to her career, which is why her disease was a devastating blow.

Rita was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rita’s strong personality appeared again and she was the one who kept everyone else’s spirits up. She decided that she would fight the disease and she was supported by her loving husband, Tom Hanks.

Since her cancer was very aggressive, she was faced with one of the hardest decisions that a women can face - to undergo a double mastectomy. Rita handled everything in her inimitable way, and the surgery was a success.

A few months after the surgery, she focused her efforts to advise people to ask for a second opinion even if they trust their doctor. Rita had a very dangerous experience before she was diagnosed; the first doctor she visited told her that she is completely healthy and that there is no sign of cancer. Luckily, she had the inspiration to ask for a second opinion from another pathologist and he discovered her cancer and saved her life.

Very often we take whatever our doctor tells us as gospel. We trust him and we want to believe that he knows best. However, getting a second opinion can save your life or at least it could help you get more effective treatment.

Rita is now contemplating reconstructive surgery. One thing is for certain: she is now healthy and enjoying her life.