2016 Calendar Boys of Pilot Mound, Manitoba, Canada

2016 Calendar Boys of Pilot Mound, Manitoba, Canada

This calendar is certainly not what you’d expect!

In a bid to raise funds for their local recreation community center, seniors, actually farmers from the small, prairie town of Pilot Mound, Manitoba, Canada, volunteered to bare it all for a 2016 calendar. The community has a population of only 700 people and is just 200 kilometers from Winnipeg.

The calendar is already receiving rave reviews and thousands of copies were sold within the first week of its release. Everybody is buying it for themselves or gifting it to others to help support this initiative.

The calendar, aptly named Baring It All for the Community, has senior men, tastefully and in varied states of undress, posing in various farming operations.

The idea was actually floating around last year and the whole community was excited to participate. There was an ad in the Sentinel Courier newspaper calling for nominations for this initiative and the calendar was launched last month, on Oct 22.

The nominees were only too happy to participate. The calendar has many pictures which feature all these senior boys going about their daily farming chores, albeit topless and smiling! There is a corn field, a tractor, hockey arena and other local venues. Many pictures show the seniors dressed in just a bow tie or a baseball cap.

The photos were courtesy of Greg Currie – an avid and a gifted photographer.

The calendars are priced at $25 each and everyone is hoping the sales will bring in at least $10,000 to be used to reduce the $700,000 debt acquired in 1999 by the original building costs. The recreation centre is run and maintained by community volunteers.