Three Funny Pranks That Have Been on YouTube

Three Funny Pranks That Have Been on YouTube

YouTube is truly a great platform to learn new things. But it is better in keeping people entertained. It is a great companion especially when you feel like having a good laugh. YouTube also happens to be a venue where people can simply post videos to express themselves. Fortunately, there are some who truly make an effort to come up with brilliant pranks just to send out good vibes. Below are some of the best pranks ever recorded and posted on YouTube.

  • King Philip IV Look-A-Like at Metropolitan Museum of Art

A team of famous pranksters went to a museum with a man who has the looks similar to Spain's King Philip IV. There was a portrait of the famous king hanging on the wall and the team positioned themselves abreast the portrait. They made it look like King Philip IV came to life! The group created a sign board telling everyone that they can have his autograph. Hilariously, there were people who asked for his autograph not realizing the king has died several years ago.

  • Creepy Girl in Hotel Corridor

Your stomach will ache when you see just how people reacted to this 'creepy girl in hotel corridor' prank. The girl was dressed in white with hair all over her face. Lights were used to add a scary effect. The girl was even carrying a baby doll which made her look even more frightening.

  • Head in the Toilet

Who can ever think that a head could possibly pop out of a toilet? This prank is absolutely eerie and disgusting at the same time! You will laugh your heart out. It was cleverly done; you will absolutely run away from the toilet as fast as possible.