Funny, funny jokes

Funny, funny jokes

A middle aged woman gets out the beauty salon. Her husband look at her and say ‘’Ok. At least you tried’’.

A very beautiful college girl, is having problems with one exam. She tried many times to pass it, but without luck. She decided that she must do everything that she can, so she can pass this exam. Next time when she saw the professor, she told him ‘’ I will do anything so I can pass this exam’’, professor look at her and said: ‘’what are you doing on Friday evening’’, the girl said:’’ nothing’’. The professor was serious and say to her: ‘’why you don’t study for this exam?’’

Two babies are talking at the hospital. ‘’Look, I am a boy’’, the other baby asks: ‘’ how do you know?’’, the first baby removes the blanket, lift his leg and say ‘’look, blue socks.’’

Two old women are talking at the park. One says: ‘’my granddaughter is getting married’’, the other women ask: ‘’great, where she meet her fiancé?’’. The first women respond: ‘’In Facebook. I never visited that place, but I heard it is great.’’

A drug addict is sitting on his terrace and smoking a joint. But in one moment the sun goes fast across the sky. He throws away that joint, makes the new one and starts smoking it, but sun again cross over the sky very fast. He makes a new joint. At that time his mother called him: ‘’John, where are you?’’, John responded: ‘’I am on the terrace, I am smoking a cigarette’’, her mother say:’’ You are smoking that cigarette two days’’.