The Comedy “The King And I” Will be on Show

The Comedy “The King And I” Will be on Show

When a theater undertakes the production of a famous and classic musical theater, it needs to be dazzling and wonderfully cast. The lucky show “The King And I” achieves this with a beautiful set.

Designed by Dennis Marchant, the set provides a stunning backdrop for the characters. Suzanne Johnson absolutely glowed as Anna, the widowed English school teacher to teach the King’s many children. The King is played with the right amount of ego and inner conflict by Ken Bouchard. The King and Anna play off each other brilliantly, displaying a perfect blend of warmth and contempt.

On the other hand, child actors are cute and charming and endow the show with vigor. Anna’s son is played by Luc Walsh and Andrew Juan plays Prince Chulalongkorn, the King’s son. These two young men portray well-matched adversary who transform into a mutual respect and friendship later. They also make the film an impressive one.

One of the most captivating scenes is the Siamese-inspired ballet adaptation of “The Small House of Uncle Thomas,” inspired from the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” This scene showcases the hard work the cast put into the performance, as well as the brilliance of choreographer Kelly Quealy.

All in all, this is quite a brilliant and exciting production that was performed with skillful strategy and was perfectly directed by Sue Lindholm.

“The King and I” will have its performances in a few days.